Revealing a Treasure: Manitoba’s Black River

Revealing a Treasure: Manitoba’s Black River

A forthcoming book….

Author: johnstonpursuits

This is my home page where I'll share information about Canoe Instruction, Wilderness Travels, Orienteering, Trail Running, and Hiking.

One thought on “Revealing a Treasure: Manitoba’s Black River”

  1. I would love to read your book on the Black River. More than 30 years ago I paddled that river several times. I paddles most of it tributaries that eventually formed the river as well as exploring the the Sandy and even the O’Hanly Rivers. While the Manigotagan had the big water, the Black was a family favourite. When your book is done, I’d love to get a copy. I’ve just fallen upon your website and see you have been a very prolific canoe writer. I will be looking at a few of your articles. Thanks for your expertise and effort, and for sharing. Happy writing.

    Scot Nickels


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